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If you’re looking for Condado Tacos nutrition info, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about the nutritional content of our tacos. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make our tacos even healthier, if that’s what you’re after. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the nutritional content of Condado Tacos will vary depending on the specific ingredients and recipes used. However, some common ingredients used in Condado Tacos dishes include beans, cheese, meat, and vegetables, all of which offer various nutritional benefits. In general, Condado Tacos dishes are relatively high in calories and fat, but they can also be a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Condado Tacos nutrition info

The popular Mexican dish, Condado Tacos, is a great source of protein and carbohydrates.

Condado Tacos nutrition info: Per 100g serving, it contains approximately 32g of protein, 42g of carbohydrates, and 8g of fat. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, with 4.1g per 100g serving.

Condado Tacos is also a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Additionally, it is a very lowcalorie dish, with only 150 calories per 100g serving.

This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to add more protein to their diet without consuming too many calories.

What is dirty sauce Condado Tacos?

The build your own taco concept at Kahn’s has made the place a relative hit, the owner said. Customers can choose from a variety of different sauces and toppings to create their perfect taco. The JuJu Shell, a taco shell made with root beer-braised beef, is one of the most popular choices.

The Sweet Lucy is a very popular choice at Condado, as it is a soft flour tortilla that is bound to a crunchy taco shell with a layer of melted queso. It gets a topping of guacamole, which makes it even more delicious. Of the 10,000 tacos sold each week at Condado, 4,000 start with the Sweet Lucy, Kahn said. This just goes to show how much people love this particular taco!

Who is the CEO of Condado Tacos?

Chris Artinian is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Condado Tacos. He has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and has been with Condado Tacos since its inception in 2014. Under his leadership, Condado Tacos has grown to become one of the most successful fast-casual restaurant chains in the country. Chris is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and three children.

Joe Kahn is the founder and CIO of Condado Tacos. He has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and has been a part of the Condado Tacos team since the beginning. Joe is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the company, and works closely with the CEO to ensure that the company is always moving forward.

Why does taco sauce clean pennies?

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Birria sauce is a delicious sauce that is made with dried chilis, annatto paste, onion, Roma tomatoes, and spices This red sauce is then added to the remaining beef cooking liquid to form a delicious dipping sauce for the tacos I reserve half the sauce to serve as a salsa on top of the tacos. This sauce is perfect for those who love a little spice in their life, and it is also a great way to add flavor to your tacos.

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What kind of alcohol is sweet Lucy?

Sweet Lucy is a bourbon based liqueur that is perfect for any occasion. The liqueur is made with peaches, oranges and apricots and is then blended with whiskey to create a smooth and delicious drink. Sweet Lucy is perfect for sipping on its own or can be mixed with other drinks to create a delicious cocktail.

This American Bourbon is crafted with peaches and spices, giving it a unique and enjoyable flavor profile. The high quality of this bourbon makes it perfect for savoring neat or on the rocks.

Where was the first condado?

Condado is a unique build-your-own-taco concept that has been operating since 2014. Our first location was in Columbus, OH, but we’ve since expanded to other parts of the US. We’re passionate about giving our customers the best possible experience, and our tacos are always fresh and delicious. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by and try us out!

In order to become a franchisee of a Condado Taco restaurant, you must buy your salsa from the Marzetti Company and your beef must be from the US. This ensures that you are getting quality ingredients that will meet the standards of the restaurant.

Why is Condado closed?

The restaurant group decided to close Columbus-area stores out of an abundance of caution. This is in response to the recent uprising in the city against racism, prejudice and discrimination. We stand with those who are fighting for justice and equality. We will continue to follow this story.

We are extremely proud to have opened our first location in Columbus, Ohio back in 2014. Our goal from the very beginning was to create a relaxed hangout spot where people could enjoy good food without breaking the bank. Since then, we’ve been able to add locations in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Cincinnati. We have even more locations in the works and we can’t wait to continue expanding our reach!

Does Condado do military discount?

The Condado Ocean Club offers discounts to groups, corporations, and government or military personnel. Groups can save up to 15% off the regular rate, and corporations can save up to 10% off the regular rate. Government or military personnel can save up to 5% off the regular rate.

Condado is an amazing place to vacation if you’re looking for a mix of relaxation and excitement. There are beautiful beaches where you can spend your days lounging in the sun or enjoying water activities, and then there are plenty of shops and restaurants to explore in the evening. You’ll never be bored in Condado!

Is Condado nice?

Puerto Rico is a great place to visit for a family vacation. The Condado area is centrally located with many beachfront resorts and fine dining restaurants. The lagoon is also a great place to take the kids for a swim. This area is definitely one of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico for families.

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Why does Taco Bell want their sauce packets back?

It’s great to see a company like Chipotle taking proactive steps to reduce waste and find new uses for single-use food packaging. Hopefully this campaign will inspire other businesses to do the same.

Taco Bell announced that it is teaming up with waste management firm TerraCycle to recycle its single-use food packaging. The restaurant said in a news release Thursday that the partnership will clean, melt and remold the non-recyclable sauce packets before transforming them into a new recyclable material. This way, they don’t end up in a landfill.

Are birria tacos unhealthy?

While birria tacos may not be the healthiest option out there, they’re not as bad as some people believe. A typical birria taco contains about 300 calories, which is not too high. The fat content is also not as high as some other foods. So, while they’re not the most healthy options, they’re not as bad as some people think.

Birria is a great option for those looking for a healthy, low-fat, and high-protein meal. This Mexican stew is typically made with goat meat, but can also be made with chicken or beef. Birria is packed with nutrients and is very filling, making it a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight or stay fit.

Final Words


Condado Tacos nutrition info: Per 100g serving, it contains approximately 32g of protein, 42g of carbohydrates, and 8g of fat. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, with 4.1g per 100g serving.

Based on the information found, it seems that Condado Tacos is a reasonably healthy option when it comes to Mexican food. Their tacos are filling and relatively low in calories, and they offer a good selection of vegetables as toppings. Their rice and beans are also fairly healthy, although they are a bit high in sodium. Overall, Condado Tacos is a good choice for those looking for a healthy Mexican food option.


How many calories are in Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos contains approximately 150 calories per 100g serving.

How much protein is in Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos contains approximately 32g of protein per 100g serving.

How much fat is in Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos contains approximately 8g of fat per 100g serving.

How much carbohydrates are in Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos contains approximately 42g of carbohydrates per 100g serving.

How much dietary fiber is in Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos contains approximately 4.1g of dietary fiber per 100g serving.

What vitamins and minerals are in Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos contains vitamins A, C, D, and zinc, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium.

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