Chickenpox in spanish?

Chickenpox is a very contagious disease that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It typically causes a rash of itchy spots that turn into blisters. Chickenpox can be dangerous, especially for infants, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems. However, chickenpox is usually a mild disease in healthy children. In Spanish, chickenpox is called varicela.

Chickenpox, or la varicela, is a highly contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Symptoms include fever and a rash of itchy, red bumps that can turn into blisters. Chickenpox is usually mild, but it can be severe, especially in babies, adults, and people with weakened immune systems. The best way to prevent chickenpox is to get the varicella vaccine.

¿Qué son los chicken pox en español?

La varicela es una enfermedad muy contagiosa causada por el virus de la varicela-zóster (VVZ). Los síntomas incluyen fiebre, erupción cutánea y malestar general. La varicela es particularmente peligrosa para los bebés, los niños pequeños, los adolescentes y los adultos mayores. La vacuna contra la varicela es muy efectiva para prevenir la enfermedad.

El sarampion es una enfermedad altamente contagiosa que se puede prevenir mediante la vacunación. Los recursos de los CDC en español le ayudarán a aprender más sobre la enfermedad y cómo proteger a su familia.

¿Cómo se contagia Chickenpox

Propagation of Varicella (chickenpox) occurs mainly through close contact with someone who has the disease. People with varicella are contagious from 1 or 2 days before the rash appears until all the lesions have crusted over.

If you have chickenpox, you may find relief from the itch by applying lotion with calamine or taking a cool bath with baking soda, uncooked oats, or colloidal oatmeal. Try to keep your nails short and scratch as little as possible to prevent spreading the virus to others and infection of the skin.

¿Qué causa el sarampión y la rubéola?

El sarampión es una enfermedad grave y potencialmente mortal, especialmente para los niños pequeños. Afortunadamente, la vacuna contra el sarampión ha hecho que esta enfermedad sea mucho menos común. Sin embargo, todavía se trasmite con facilidad, por lo que es importante estar atentos a los síntomas y buscar tratamiento temprano si se piensa que se puede estar enfermo.

The measles is caused by a virus, specifically a paramyxovirus of the genus Morbillivirus.chickenpox in spanish_1

¿Cómo se dice Zika en inglés?

The Zika virus can cause a variety of symptoms, including an itchy rash, pinkeye, joint pain and fever. The virus is spread by mosquitoes, so it is important to take steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes if you are in an area where the Zika virus is present.

The typical symptom of chickenpox is a rash that turns into fluid-filled blisters that itch. They eventually turn into crusts. Chickenpox usually lasts 4 to 7 days.

¿Cuánto dura el sarampión en el cuerpo

The rash lasts 5-6 days and then fades The interval between exposure to the virus and the appearance of the rash ranges from 7 to 18 days (average of 14 days) Most deaths are due to complications of measles, which are more common in children under 5 and adults over 30.

After a person has been exposed to the virus, it takes 7 to 17 days for the symptoms of smallpox to appear (the average incubation period is 12 to 14 days). During those days the infected person feels well and is not contagious.

¿Cuánto tiempo tarda en curar la culebrilla?

Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, is a painful rash that appears on one side of the face or body. The rash consists of blisters that typically turn into crusts within 7 to 10 days and disappear within 2 to 4 weeks.

Be sure to delete cold, soft, and light foods because varicella in the mouth can make it difficult to eat or drink. Avoid acidic or salty foods, such as orange juice or pretzels. Give your child paracetamol to help relieve pain.

¿Por qué la varicela es más grave en adultos

The most common consequence of chickenpox is a bacterial infection of the lesions (called impetigo), but it can lead to other more serious diseases such as hepatitis, neurological damage, and pneumonia, which is more common in adults.

According to the doctor, both diseases appear with fever and rash (exanthemas) on the skin. Initially, chickenpox appears with rashes mainly on the trunk (abdomen and chest). On the other hand, the exanthemas of measles are focused on the head and behind the neck.

¿Cuando un niño tiene sarampión se puede bañar?

It is important to keep children and adults with contagious illnesses well hydrated by bathing them regularly. It is also important to keep them cool, without overdoing it, and to use moisturizing lotions to keep their skin hydrated.

There is no specific treatment for measles once it presents itself. Treatment consists of taking measures to alleviate symptoms, such as rest, and treating or preventing complications.chickenpox in spanish_2

¿Qué tan peligroso es el sarampión

Measles can be a serious illness, especially for young children and adults over the age of 20. The most common complications include ear infections and diarrhea, but more serious problems such as pneumonia and encephalitis can occur. It’s important to get vaccinated to protect yourself and others from measles.

Puede transmitirse a través de la tos y los estornudos. Las otras personas se pueden infectar si respiran el aire contaminado o tocan una superficie contaminada y luego se tocan los ojos, la nariz o la boca. Los animales no contraen ni propagan el sarampión. El virus puede vivir hasta dos horas en el aire.

¿Cuánto dura la fiebre por vacuna triple viral

If you experience redness or swelling at the injection site, fever (1 in 6 vaccinated people) 5-12 days after vaccination, which lasts 1 or 2 days (maximum 5), paracetamol or ibuprofen is given.

El dengue es una enfermedad viral que puede causar síntomas leves a graves. La enfermedad se transmite a través de la picadura de un mosquito infectado. El dengue es causado por un virus del dengue 1, 2, 3 o 4. Una persona puede infectarse con el virus del dengue 1, 2, 3, o 4 veces durante su vida.

¿Cómo se llama dengue en inglés

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection that causes severe flu-like symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to prevent serious complications. There is no specific treatment for dengue fever and there is no vaccine available to prevent it. Mosquito control is the best way to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Zika virus can cause a birth defect called microcefaly, as well as other serious brain defects in fetuses. The CDC is investigating the connection between Zika infection and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disease.

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La varicela es una enfermedad infecciosa causada por el virus varicela-zóster. Se caracteriza por una erupción cutánea de vesículas llena de líquido, generalmente en el rostro, el cuero cabelludo y el tronco. La varicela es una enfermedad benigna en la mayoría de los niños, pero puede ser grave en los adultos.

There is no known cure for chickenpox, but the disease can be controlled with home treatment and appropriate medical care. Treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and preventing complications. Home treatment measures include taking antipruritic medications to relieve itching, applying calamine lotion to the rash, and maintaining a cool environment. For most people, chickenpox is a self-limited disease that resolves without intervention. However, chickenpox can be serious, especially in infants, pregnant women, adolescents, and adults.

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